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Attractive woman touching her temple near her eyelid. The doctors at Broberg Eye Care provide high quality screenings and treatment for eyelid disorders that can compromise your ocular health. Our ophthalmologists are committed to helping patients experience clear, healthy vision without the discomfort of droopy or irritated eyelids. Dr. Peter Broberg, Dr. Halsey SettleDr. William McGlathery, and Dr. Ximena de Sabra can diagnose and treat various eyelid disorders. To schedule an appointment at our Austin, TX office, contact us today.

Blepharitis Symptoms

Many people suffer from blepharitis, or swollen, irritated eyelid tissue, usually near the eyelashes. The most common symptoms of blepharitis include:

  • Improper eyelash growth or loss
  • Light sensitivity, such as glare, halos, or starbursts
  • Itchy skin around the eyes
  • Burning or tingling in the eyes
  • Excessive tearing or watery eyes
  • Redness of the eyeball and surrounding tissue
  • Eyelid inflammation
  • Dry eyes, which may prompt you to blink more
  • Crust formation on eyelashes, especially after sleep
  • Difficulty opening eyelids
  • Excess oil on the eyelids

To diagnose your condition, our ophthalmologists will thoroughly inspect your eyelids, often with a magnifying tool, and may take a swab of your eyelid tissue to test for allergies or infection.

Blepharitis Treatment

There are many causes of blepharitis, and your treatment will depend on the specifics of your condition. Your eyelid can become inflamed and irritated due to:

  • A localized bacterial infection like pink eye (conjunctivitis) or staph, which will need to be treated with antibiotics. In some cases, acne medications contribute to bacterial growth, so you may need to discontinue use of these products.
  • Skin conditions like rosacea (redness) and seborrheic dermatitis (excessive dandruff from the eyebrows and scalp). Your dermatologist may need to treat this condition with special light therapy, topical drugs to kill bacteria and reduce swelling, or oral medications.
  • Lice or mites in the eyelashes, which can usually be remedied with topical treatments like tea tree oil.
  • Abnormal oil gland function in the eyes, which can cause excessive secretions or dry eye, both of which can cause the eyelid to swell. We typically recommend treating this condition with lifestyle changes like improved hygiene and diet.
  • Allergic reaction to facial products, in which case you will need to stop using these substances.

In general, the best defense against blepharitis is maintaining excellent ocular hygiene, which prevents bacteria from colonizing the eyelid and improves eye function. We typically recommend using warm compresses, gentle cleansers, and massage to clean your eyelids, especially in the sensitive lash area.

Ptosis Symptoms

As you age or due to certain hereditary conditions, the skin around your eyes may begin to sag. When your upper eyelid droops into your eye and affects your vision, this is called ptosis or blepharoptosis. Depending on the severity of the ptosis, this condition can be a minor annoyance or cause changes in your vision like amblyopia (blurring in one eye, called a “lazy eye”) and astigmatism (irregular eye shape). In addition to noticeable loss of elasticity in the eyelid, ptosis symptoms include:

  • Dyplopia (double vision)
  • Difficulty opening and closing your eyelids
  • Ocular fatigue
  • Blurry or hazy vision
  • Misalignment of the eyes
  • Narrowed eyesight range

Our doctors can diagnose ptosis by examining your eyes and reviewing your medical history.

Ptosis Treatment

Our ophthalmologists will create a customized treatment plan to relieve your ptosis symptoms. If drooping eyelids do not seriously interfere with your vision, you may not require treatment. We recommend eye exercises to strengthen the ocular muscles or prescription glasses that hold the eyelid in its proper place. If these treatments are ineffective or if ptosis is severely impacting your daily life, we may recommend blepharoplasty, a plastic surgery to modify the eyelid skin. During this procedure, you surgeon will firm your eyelid muscles and trim excess skin. In addition to correcting advanced ptosis, blepharoplasty can also give your eyes a younger, brighter appearance.

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