Eye Trauma

A woman wears a bandage over her left eye due to trauma Without prompt medical attention, an eye trauma⏤whether minor or major⏤can have lasting repercussions on the health of your eyes. One of the skilled doctors at Broberg Eye Care will be able to assess your eye trauma at our Austin, TX, practice and determine the right type of treatment during a comprehensive eye exam. Some eye injuries may require immediate surgery while others can be resolved with simple monitoring. It is important to wear protective eyewear while playing contact sports, working with chemicals, mowing the grass, or doing any other activity that might put the health of your eyes at risk. 

Types of Eye Trauma

If damage to your eye has occurred, it it important to seek medical help right away. There are any number of ways you can injure your eyes:

  • Swollen Eyes: Swollen eyes and puffy eyelids are often the result of being hit in the eye at high velocity from a foreign object, such as a baseball or volleyball. When impact occurs, place an ice pack over the area to help manage bruising and swelling. If swelling does not decrease or your vision has been impaired, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors so they can help identify any internal damage. 
  • Corneal Abrasion: Corneal abrasions are typically caused when your eye is poked or when dirt, an eyelash, or other foreign object becomes trapped under your eyelid. Rubbing your eye will only make it worse and can cause further damage. In most cases, your doctor will prescribe medicated eye drops.
  • Chemical Burns: This can occur during a work accident or simply by accidentally spraying something like hairspray into your eye. Symptoms may include excessive tearing, sensitivity to light, blurry vision, and redness. As soon as the trauma occurs, wash your eyes out with lukewarm water for 15 minutes and avoid rubbing your eyes. Depending on the severity, you may need to visit the emergency room. Treatment will vary depending on the type of chemical burn.
  • Eye Bleeding: This eye injury is also known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage and can be caused from minor injury, such as coughing, heavy straining, or vomiting. It can also be a result of eye surgery or medications. In most cases, it will disappear on its own after a few weeks, but you should still be seen in our office to ensure there is not a more serious condition.

It important to call our office right away if you have suffered eye trauma. 

Severe Eye Trauma

Immediate treatment is necessary to address:

  • Traumatic Iritis: Inflammation in the iris, or the colored part of the eye, can occur from a severe poke or blow to the eye from a hand or blunt object. Treatment will usually involve medicated drops and careful monitoring to ensure there is no long-term damage.
  • Orbital Blowout Fractures: Blunt force trauma from a car accident, sports injury, or fistfight can cause a crack or fracture in the facial bones surrounding the eye. It can also lead to bleeding between the cornea and iris (hyphema). Treatment varies, but can include eye drops, medication, cold compresses, and even eye surgery to repair damage.
  • Penetrating or Foreign Object in the Eye: This type of injury is more severe than a corneal abrasion and can lead to loss of vision if not immediately addressed. It is often the result of metal, glass, or another sharp object penetrating the eye. It is imperative that you visit the emergency room or doctor’s office as soon as the trauma occurs. Do not try and remove the object on your own or you could cause severe damage.

Call Us Immediately

It important to call our office right away if you have suffered eye trauma. One of our ophthalmologists can schedule an emergency appointment to address an eye trauma. We can help save your eyesight and prevent further damage from occurring.

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