Understanding the Diagnosis and Treatment of Double Vision

Double vision, or diplopia, can affect one or both eyes, and can be caused by various underlying conditions. At Broberg Eye Care in Austin, TX, accurate diagnosis is followed by the appropriate treatment to address the disorder. With years of experience, our qualified and knowledgeable doctors have built a reputation in our community for providing high-quality, compassionate care. No matter what your situation, we will do everything we can to resolve your vision issues so you can enjoy life again.

What is Diplopia?

double visionDiplopia occurs when a person sees a double image. These images can appear side by side or one on top of the other. In some instances, patients will experience both of these effects simultaneously. Aside from severely impeding vision, diplopia can result in difficulties navigating your surroundings. For example, double vision can cause interruptions in movement, balance, and reading ability. It is important to have an ophthalmological consultation right away if you are experiencing double vision, as it can significantly hinder your quality of life.

Probable Causes of Diplopia

Both eyes work together harmoniously to create depth of vision. When one element of this intricate system becomes problematic, it can result in diplopia. There are a number of potential conditions that can lead to double vision. Some of these include:

  • Eye Infections: Certain infections, such as herpes or shingles, can exacerbate diplopia.
  • Keratoconus: A degenerative condition, keratoconus can cause thinning of the cornea.
  • Misalignment: If the eyes are not properly aligned, it can lead to double vision. This can be due to eye muscles that are weak, paralyzed, restricted, or overactive. It can also occur if there are abnormal nerves controlling the eye muscles.
  • Scars or Dryness: If the eye dries out too quickly, or it does not produce sufficient tears, diplopia can result.
  • Cataracts: Double vision can be an early warning sign of a cataract.
  • Issues with Nerves inside the Eye: If the nerves controlling the eye become damaged in some way, diplopia can develop.
  • Brain Conditions: Strokes, trauma, and tumors can all contribute to the development of double vision.

Treatment Options for Double Vision

Because there are so many contributing factors involved in the development of double vision, a thorough diagnosis must be made before a personalized treatment plan can be created. Each patient has a unique set of needs. Therefore, recommended procedures can vary dramatically for every individual.There are a number of measures that can be taken to address double vision, including:

  • Wearing corrective eyewear, such as glasses or contacts
  • Attaching ultra-thin, clear plastic prisms to glasses
  • Eye exercises
  • Botox® injections to relax overactive eye muscles
  • Wearing an eye patch
  • Wearing an opaque contact lens
  • Undergoing a surgical procedure to reposition the eye muscles

Click here to learn more about the diplopia treatments recommended for specific eye disorders and diseases. Our experienced doctors are here to help you determine a treatment option that will be most beneficial for your situation.

Because there are so many contributing factors involved in the development of double vision, a thorough diagnosis must be made before a personalized treatment plan can be created

Learn More about Treatment for Double Vision

If you or a family member is experiencing double vision, contact a team member right away to schedule a consultation. When diagnosed early, conditions can be appropriately addressed in a timely manner, saving you a significant amount of time and worry later on. You can call our office at (512) 447-6096 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

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