Conjunctivitis Treatment

At Broberg Eye Care, we offer treatments for many types of conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye. Conjunctivitis treatment may include eye drops, anti-inflammatory medications, and ointments. Pink eye can be contagious, so patients should schedule an appointment at our Austin, TX, office right away to receive effective treatment. Do not return to school or work until a doctor has diagnosed you. 

Proper Diagnosis for Effective Treatment

In order to prescribe the most effective treatment option, one of our doctors will first need to determine whether your condition is caused by a bacterial infection, allergies, pollution, or other common irritants. Bacterial conjunctivitis is the contagious strain and is spread through contact. If you have seasonal allergies, you may develop allergic conjunctivitis on a regular basis. Allergens in the air can cause an allergic reaction of pink, itchy, watery eyes. Pollution, chlorine in swimming pools, and other chemicals can all lead to chemical conjunctivitis.

Close up of woman's eye and eye drop bottle

Conjunctivitis treatment may include eye drops, anti-inflammatory medications, and ointments.

Conjunctivitis Treatment Options

Once your doctor has identified the cause of your symptoms and discomfort, you can proceed with treatment. 

Cold or Warm Compress

A cold compress can relieve pressure around the eyes, providing temporary relief. After meeting with your eye doctor, they may provide you with a special cold compress mask to use in combination with other treatments. A cold compress may provide relief for chemical conjunctivitis, but contact with certain chemicals are considered emergencies and require immediate medical attention. Some patients find that warm compresses also provide relief. 

Antibiotic and Steroidal Eye Drops

The type of eye drops or ointments prescribed will vary depending on the type of conjunctivitis you have. If you have a bacterial form of pink eye, you will need antibiotic eye drops to eliminate the infection. In most cases, you will need to use the eye drops several times a day and continue their use until the infection has been completely eliminated.

If you have a viral form of pink eye, your eye doctor may prescribe steroidal eye drops or ointments. These can reduce inflammation and provide relief from painful symptoms while the virus runs it course. It can take two to three weeks for viral infections to subside.

A cold compress can relieve pressure around the eyes, providing temporary relief.

Steroidal eye drops may also be prescribed for patients suffering from allergic conjunctivitis. These drops can relieve inflammation so you can make it through allergy season without painful and frustrating symptoms.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Your doctor may also recommend an anti-inflammatory medication in addition to these treatments. Anti-inflammatories may include topical ointments or pills. These work consistently to reduce inflammation and painful symptoms associated with several different forms of pink eye, including bacterial, viral, and allergic. Listen to the recommendations of your doctor when taking anti-inflammatories.

Learn More About Your Treatment Options

If you or your child has any symptoms of pink eye, such as burning, itching, red eyes, or discharge, contact Broberg Eye Care online or call (512) 447-6096 to schedule an appointment. We can diagnose the type of conjunctivitis and provide treatment options so you can get back to school or work.

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