Cataract Surgery Costs: Quality, Affordable Care

Woman discussing surgery costs with her doctorThe doctors at Broberg Eye Care are committed to providing high quality care while keeping cataract surgery costs down at our Austin, TX practice. Due to aging, trauma, or other medical conditions, the proteins in your eye’s lens can begin to degrade and form clumps. These damaged proteins can interfere with your eyesight, making it blurry and discolored. Dr. Peter Broberg, Dr. Halsey Settle, and Dr. William McGlathery, and Dr. Ximena de Sabra perform customized cataract surgery at an affordable cost. To schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, contact our office today.

The Procedure

Our ophthalmologists use sophisticated laser technology to remove your cataracts. Before your procedure, we will create an accurate 3D surgical guide to guide the laser. During surgery, we use an advanced laser to perform a capsulotomy, making a small incision into the layer of tissue surrounding your lens. Then we insert a surgical tool that directs ultrasonic waves through your eye, fragmenting the clouds of protein that have accumulated in your natural lens. The use of this highly accurate and minimally invasive technology is factored into cataract surgery costs.

To simultaneously restore the clarity of your vision, your ophthalmologist will implant an intraocular lens (IOL). A monofocal IOL will allow you to see clearly at one distance, but you may need contacts or glasses for a full field of vision. In contrast, multifocal IOLs allow you see clearly at many distances. If you suffer from astigmatism, we can use a toric IOL to correct the shape of your lens. These artificial lenses integrate with the rest of your eye and last for many years. The type of IOL that you choose will also affect the cost of your cataract surgery.

Cost Factors

Each cataract surgery is different, since it is customized to the patient’s unique needs. Therefore, the costs of cataract surgery can fluctuate considerably. Cost factors can include:

  • The Anesthesia Used. While this surgery usually requires just local anesthesia, you may choose to undergo general anesthesia, oral sedation, or intravenous sedation, which will come at an additional cost.
  • Single or Multiple Eyes. Cataract surgery is typically priced per eye, since the surgeon will need to fragment and remove the protein clouds from each lens individually. Repairing your vision in one eye will be less expensive than performing surgery on both.
  • The Type of IOL. A simple monofocal IOL will be less expensive than more advanced lenses like toric or multifocal IOLs. You will need to weigh the benefits of these lenses against their expense. We provide a full spectrum of IOLs so you can decide which type will suit your needs, budget, and desired results.
  • Your Insurance. Your insurance provider may cover all or a portion of your surgery. However, medical insurance companies typically will not cover the full cost of premium IOLs.
  • The Expertise of Your Surgeon. Our ophthalmologists frequently perform this procedure using some of the latest laser surgery techniques. Using a reputable surgeon with extensive experience can save you money, time, and discomfort in the long-term. At Broberg Eye Care, we are a one-stop shop for cataracts; we assist patients with every step of the cataract surgery process, from detecting symptoms to recovery.

One of our doctors can discuss the specific costs of your cataract surgery with you at your initial consultation.

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