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"About 4 or 5 years ago my husband had an eye emergency (woke up with double vision, caused by a bad chiropractor who worked on his neck!). Dr. Broberg came in on a Sunday morning to see my husband. He was very caring, calm, not expensive and made the accurate diagnosis. He now gets all our eyecare business and never disappoints."

"I have seen Dr. Broberg for many years now and always thought he was a good doctor and highly recommend him. He ranks even higher in my ratings now. I recently had an eye issue - scratched cornea that very quickly turned into an infection. They worked me into their busy schedule I saw Dr. McGlathery - a new doctor at the practice and Dr. Broberg. I have always used an ophthalmologist for my eye exams - a good practice in my opinion."

- Mary E.

"Dr. Settle was very thorough and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I have had eye surgery in California from an excellent retinologist, and Dr. Settle compared very favorably. I noted plaques on the wall indicating Top Doctors for 2007 and 2008. My experience is such that I will continue to go to him."

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