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An older man and woman are looking out to the ocean and smiling. Welcome to our practice! Our comprehensive eye care center in Austin provides patients with the ophthalmological services necessary to maintain vision as well as correct vision impairment. Our approach to eye care is both personable and practical. We take our time with each patient, allowing us to offer the services that are best suited to their unique needs. Our conservative approach to eye care, along with our friendly and professional staff, has helped us build relationships with our patients for the past thirty years. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We offer LASIK, glaucoma treatment, cataract treatment, special care for diabetic patients, and other advanced services.

Our History

Broberg Eye Care was founded by Dr. Peter Broberg in 1983. Since then, we have opened a satellite location, changed offices, and added staff to accommodate our growing practice. From our humble beginnings of just a single exam room and a single employee, we have arrived at our current location with eight exam rooms and a team of four doctors: Dr. Peter Broberg, Dr. Halsey SettleDr. William McGlathery, and Dr. Ximena de Sabra. The growth of our practice is due to the reputation we have built among our many long-term patients.

What Sets Us Apart

At Broberg Eye Care, our friendly doctors take a personal approach. We determine treatment on a case-by-case basis, depending on each patient's specific needs and desires. Although our doctors are extremely friendly, we are also very professional, and we take great pride in the quality of care that we provide. From a basic eye examination to a more complex vision correction procedure, we take the time to ensure that all of the patient's questions have been answered, and that treatments are of the highest quality.

Another factor that sets us apart is our conservative approach. We are not the type of practice to push for unnecessary and costly procedures. We offer patients only those services that will be truly beneficial to their vision. When there are multiple treatment options available, we will discuss these options with our patients. In most cases, we recommend the most conservative treatment first, and then proceed to a more involved treatment only if it becomes necessary. The long-term health and satisfaction of our patients is our top priority.

Contact Our Eye Care Center

Your vision is a valuable asset, and we strive to help each of our patients enjoy the best vision possible. At Broberg Eye Care, advanced technology meets the time-tested value of honesty, education, and exceptional service. Whether you are experiencing compromised vision, or simply need to establish ongoing care with a reputable vision care specialist, we can help you. To learn more about how we can help you achieve and maintain dependable vision, we invite you to contact our practice today.

Dr. Broberg treats you as a person, not a nameless patient... His kindness and intelligence have made a huge difference in my life. - John D.

Dr. Settle was great! The staff was friendly, the forms were short and easy to fill in, the office was clean and pleasant, and there was lots of parking! - Ann F.

Dr. McGlathery and his staff were professional, friendly, and explained everything to my complete satisfaction. Couldn't ask for better. - Virgil H.

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